Optical Mouse T6

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  • ♈ Exquisite appearance: A beautiful laser engraving landscape painting is on the mouse, and the detailed picture makes the appearance of the mouse elegant and refined.
  •      Buttons: 7 buttons with scroll wheel

    • Tracking systems: Optical. The Max DPI: 24000DPI
    • Ergonomically designed, long-term use without fatigue
    • Intelligent connectivity, no need to code,
  • ♉ Cool Backlight: Built-in multiple color-changing LED lights, with the beautifully patterned pattern, the mouse will become even more cool. LED lights will also switch modes according to changes of DPI
  • ♊ IR Optics Engine: A tracking engine designed for gaming that is precise, responsive and responsive. No one can escape from your attack in the game!
  • ♋ Multiple Buttons: There are 6 buttons on the mouse. In the game, you are free to set functions for them to create a solution that suits you best.
  • ♌ Advanced Cable: In order to ensure the stability of the connection, the cable of the mouse has been specially strengthened, anti-pulling, wear-resistant and durable.